A complete visual branding package was created for this particular coverage. Based off of the visual components from the sting, multiple walls were gerenate for its specfic programs. The sting and walls aims to capture the tension and emotion the Israeli Palestinians encounter along the Gaza strip. 
"Conflict in Gaza" Bizwall used during CCTV America's live broadcast segment of Global Business.
"Conflict in Gaza" Newswall used during CCTV America's General News segment. 
"Conflict in Gaza" Plasma wall reformatted to fit as a full screen, 1920 x 1080,


Snapchat OnDemand Geofilters Design
Rachelle Akuffo Global Business America Promo
Xi Jiping in the Middle East Sting
Deficit Vs Debt Explainer
"Reinventing Cuba" Poster Design
Lebanon's Sexist Citizenship Explainer
CCTV America: Chinese Culture Web Indent
CCTV America Newswalls
CCTV America 5 Hour Expansion Promo
Taking You Further Promo
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