I had the pleasure of collaborating with Global Business America’s Line Producer, Alexandra Lowy in designing and creating a branded graphic design package for their new signature segment, “Inside & Out.” 

Inside & Out focuses on what’s making news in health and business. Its theme is centered on how various health and fitness trends from a business angle can impact the consumers’ perspective of themselves internally and externally.  With Artistic Supervision by the Creative Director, Alexander Shields, inspiration for this project stemmed from the raw pen and ink sketches seen in Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" drawing. Alexander and I sketched raw drawings of the human body, internal organs, and genetic structures on a large recycle textured poster board. Once we had enough content sketched, we filmed the poster to capture a variety of shots. The captured footage was imported into After Effects and treatment was added to it. 

Because the segment contains a wide range of topics, we solely didn't want to focus on either fitness or health education. Instead, we created a sting that teased various topics the segment would cover. 

"Inside and Out" Bizwall.
"Inside and Out" Plasma Wall.
Global Business America's Anchor, Rachelle Akuffo on Global Business Plasma Wall set.
Global Business America's Anchor, Rachelle Akuffo on Global Business Plasma Wall set with revealing plasma keypoints.
Global Business Plasma Wall graphic keypoint. 
Full screen graphic video keypoint. 


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